Wild Flowers Mourning the Fallen

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$450.2, 10x8.png

Wild Flowers Mourning the Fallen


10 x 8 inches, oil on canvas

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Wild Flowers Mourn the Fallen

Poetry by Mark Salta

Removed against our will, 

Once standing proudly on our hill.

Not by choice did we leave, 

Loggers came without reprieve.

Flowers, do they mourn?

With our leaving was their dawn.

Light upon the ground, 

Coloured flowers all around.

Do the flowers know our fate,

After all, they came in late.

Our time will come again after all, 

We the trees that grow up tall.

Our shadows soon to block the light,

Then it is the flowers plight.

Who will mourn the flowers then? Certainly not us trees,

Maybe just the lonely bees.